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Understanding Physical Anatomy of a Dog

To effectively understand dog training, a dog trainer must understand the physical anatomy of a dog. Bone is a continually changing and actively metabolizing tissue in the living animal. It is composed primarily of the minerals calcium and phosphorus, in an organic connective tissue framework which is mainly protein.

Are The Colored Dyes Used In Your Dog Treats Deadly?

As a loving owner, you take great pride in taking care of your beloved dog. You go to great lengths reading and understanding the dog food labels, making sure you are not feeding your precious dog harmful and even deadly toxins. You have heard the phrase, no corn, wheat or soy in your dog’s food. (Notice you do not hear “no grains” in that phrase.) But do you understand that colored dye and dog’s treats can have the same deadly consequences as toxins in their food? Discover the deadly mistakes you may unwittingly be doing that can put your loved dog in grave danger.

How To Compare Automatic Dog Feeders

A pet can be your best companion in all your moments of solitude. However, if you have a tight schedule or travel often on work and there is no one to take responsibility of your pet in your absence, you might have to reconsider your decision of keeping a pet. Investing in an automatic pet feeder makes sense in such circumstances. It ensures that your dog eats his fill at the right time when you are not around.

What To Know For Using Games To Train Dogs

Games are a good way to train dogs. Many training schools that offer dogs for sale also use games to teach dogs in a better way.

Positive Reinforcement – Key To Efficient Training Of Dogs

People are gradually shifting towards using positive reinforcement to train their dogs, instead of using punishment. Even schools giving guard dog training Sydney, prefer this method to train dogs.

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