The 3 Moves You Need to Fix your Dog Walks – Plus the concept which ties it all together.

Things to Consider Before Adopting a Dog

Are you ready for a dog and all that it entails? Are you prepared to walk them everyday? And take them out to go potty? Are you ready to be a loving leader? There’s lots to think about before you adopt a dog!

Why Does My Dog Shiver or Shake?

I have 2 dogs in my house that shiver, one is a young dog with a very fine coat and nearly bare underbelly and the other is an old dog who is a collie cross with a short medium coat. The reasons why they shiver could be very different as one is young and the other old and so let us take a look at why dogs shiver Many things may cause our dogs to shiver or tremble. It could be that the shivering starts when you get home and it is a result of joy…

How to Train a Puppy in the Most Effective Way Possible

Learning how to train a puppy is one of the most important responsibilities that any dog owner has – a realization that comes easily once an individual becomes responsible for one of man’s best friends. Truth is, as the owner of several dogs myself, I started out not knowing a single thing about dog training, and I unfortunately had to learn the hard way that when a dog doesn’t behave properly because its owner doesn’t know how to train a puppy, the supposed best friend of man can be quite a pain to live with. I mean,…

Stop Your Puppy From Jumping On You

Any time a pup goes running up to us and jumps on us, we believe, “She really likes me, she is so happy to see me!” We feel very special and chosen and adored. And who doesn’t buzz to look at puppies jumping and leaping about in play?

The ‘HOW-TO’ to Train a Dog Effectively to Behave

This article discuss how a dog can be trained effectively to behave. Dogs are adorable but an untamed dog could turn out to be a nightmare. Dogs are animals like any others and without proper instruction they are likely to behave like one as well.

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