The best helper dog in the world, Prince’s 3rd birthday party at dog beach

Winter Exercise and the Mobility Disabled Dog

Overcoming winter mobility problems for the disabled dog. Suggestions for making a winter walk easier.

Traveling With a Disabled Dog

Planning a vacation around a handicapped or mobility limited dog. Items to bring, accommodations, and keeping it fun.

Invest in Dog Pillows For Your Dog

Don’t leave your dog at home without a comfortable pillow to sleep on. Here are the benefits to having a comfy bed for your pooch at home.

Keeping You And Your Dog Safe When Walking in the Dark

Dog owners will often walk their dogs in dark conditions without showing any attention to making themselves and their dogs seen. There are many ways to make yourselves more visible in the dark and these can include high visibility clothing options.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Pet Carrier

Prior to purchasing a carrier give full consideration to all the factors. Size being most important, but also the use of the carrier, the amount of use the carrier will get and how easily it can be cleaned just to mention a few.

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