The Missing Link: Why Most Dog Trainers Cannot Fix Aggression.

Cures for Poop Eating

While poop eating is certainly one of the less appealing things that dogs do, there are ways to cure your dog of this little habit. Here are several ways to cure it.

Orthopedic Beds For Your Dog

Although we often think of orthopedic dog beds as being helpful for elderly dogs they can be very beneficial for dogs with joint problems and arthritis, too. Many dogs can benefit from using an orthopedic dog bed, even if they’re quite young.

Make Your Yard Poison Free

Your yard is usually your dog’s play area, the place where he goes to run and play and have a good time. But it can also be a place of danger for him. There can be poisonous substances in your yard that threaten your dog.

Teaching Your Dog to Leave It

Teaching your dog the “Leave it” command is very important. It’s one of those commands that can literally save their life. You never know when a dog may pick up something that is bad for them, such as something poisonous or sharp, like glass. Learning to “Leave it” on command can keep your dog from eating something that could hurt him. You may see your dog heading straight for something that could be deadly to him if he bothers it, such as drinking antifreeze.

Good Oral Health for Your Dog

Humans place a lot of emphasis on having a pearly white smile. It’s no surprise then that we want our dogs to have beautiful white teeth, too! Not only should our dogs have clean white teeth throughout their lives, but it’s also important for our dogs to have good oral hygiene. It’s more than good for their appearance, it a matter of good health.

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