Getting Your Pet Into a Dog Obedience Training Program

A proper dog obedience training program is the foundation of good behavior in dogs. It has been often said that there are no bad dogs, just uneducated owners. Many dogs want to please their owners, but untrained dogs will simply not know how.

Dog Owners: Do You Know Your Legal Responsibilities?

If you choose to own a dog that is automatically considered to be dangerous under the law, you may be facing harsher charges and additional dog bite lawsuit settlement fees as a consequence. As a dog owner be sure you know what is expected of you under the law. Prevent a potentially tragic situation by learning how to properly train and restrain your dog.

How Familiar Are You With Your Dog’s Fears?

Most people are aware there are some basic emotions recognizable when one observes human behavior, although not necessarily know all of them. There is one, though, that everyone has felt and therefore, understands and associates with easily. That is the emotion of fear.

Top Dog Training Tips for Your German Shepherd

German shepherds are friendly, energetic dogs that get along well with other animals and people. However, training this breed of dog requires particular attention, especially when the dog is young, to ensure that your pet is fun and safe to be around.

Are Wolves or Foxes Ancestors of Today’s Companion?

It is commonly believed that today’s domestic dog descended from wolves. We will explore other theories about which animals may be the ancestor of our best friend.

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