THE TRUTH: We are Leaving Our Dogs Behind in ALASKA.

5 Tips To Combat Canine Hyperactivity

Dogs make great pets because of their fantastic attitude toward life, always happy. However if your dog has too much energy there are a few things you can do to help calm him down.

How Safe Are Your Dog Treats

When it comes to dog treats I’m always asking my clients why they feel that their dog even needs them. Unfortunately a large percentage of dog treats out there really aren’t that good for your dog and provide no nutritional value. In fact most of them contain things that you wouldn’t ever allow in your dogs food, but yet you give the dog a treat that contains that ingredient.

Your Dog Needs To Trust You

Recently I received a call from a lady who told me about her dog showing aggression toward another dog in the family and being so fearful that it WOULD NOT leave the yard to go for a walk. We scheduled an appointment for me to take a look and here is what I found.

Tips on Hiring a Great Professional Dog Trainer

Hiring a professional dog trainer can be a tricky process because all dogs are not the same and use different training methods. This article will help show you how to select a trainer that can help you get the most out of your pet.

Curb Your Dog’s Excess Barking

Dogs bark as a means of communication. There is no way to completely stop your dog from barking, but you can curb some of his barking behaviors and learn to have him quit when you give a command. Follow these simple tips and you will be able to stop excessive barking from your four legged friend.

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