Tough Decisions make for Incredibly Well Behaved Dogs

Hot Weather and Your Dog

Most dogs are sensitive to hot weather but there are several breeds that can be negatively impacted by hot weather. Dogs with shortened faces like bulldogs or pugs can suffer tremendously in a heat wave. We will discuss the care needed for dogs in hot weather and what to do if you think your pet is suffering from heat stroke.

Common Illnesses of Dogs

Like people, dogs can be afflicted by a number of diseases. Fortunately, most can be prevented with a vaccine. We will discuss the many possible diseases that can affect your pet and the necessary vaccines to prevent them.

Parasites in Dogs

Unfortunately, your dog can be affected by external and/or internal parasites. Fortunately, treatment can be relatively easy with the help of your veterinarian. We will discuss some of the most common parasites and how they can affect your pet.

Tips on Choosing the Best Bulldog Puppy

You’ve seen a sign for bulldogs for sale and think that a stocky and cute bulldog puppy will be a great addition to your home. While this is probably true, there are a few things you should know about this dog breed and how to choose a puppy to ensure you are getting the best one to fit in with your family. English bulldogs are short dogs, but while they are short, they are strong, muscular and stocky in appearance.

Choosing the Best Dog Breed to Complete Your Family

Dogs have been included in households around the country for centuries, completing a family in a way. Many believe that every child should have a pet of some kind and most households will choose a cute and cuddly puppy.

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