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Dangerous Dogs: Blame the Dog or the Owner?

It seems to never fail that a horrible case of a dog mauling or dangerous dog bite attack hits the news, and everyone starts talking about what a nice dog it was. It’s the equivalent of a media interview after a horrible mass murder; the neighbors always say what a nice guy he was, never noticed anything different or strange. Same for dogs.

Consistency Is Power When It Comes To A Dog Flea Treatment

Perhaps one of the most frustrating things about owning a dog is dealing with fleas. Fleas not only bite animals, they will snack on humans as well, making them a double threat. All it takes is one flea to get an infestation underway since each flea can lay dozens of eggs daily.

Do’s And Don’ts Of Bath Time

Certain dogs have a tendency to get dirty. Even those that don’t get dirty too often occasionally need a trip to the bath tub. Well, there is a wrong way, and a right way of bathing your pet. I know some of you might feel that these are obvious, but the truth of the matter, people break them everyday. People use the wrong technique, and the wrong supplies. Guess who suffers? Not them, but their pet.

Stop Unwanted Dog Behavior With These 3 Training Tips for Beginners and Experts

Stop unwanted dog behavior with these 3 simple training tips anyone will find helpful in improving both your pet’s behavior and your relationship with them. This article will help you keep control of the relationship between you and your canine friend so you may spend more time enjoying each others company as it was meant to be!

Know the Levels of Potty Patch and Which Level Are You

The Potty Patch has 3 levels. There’s a top level, a center level and a base level. Every level is established to perform a certain function. Learn more!

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