Scottie Cramp Disorder In The Scottish Terrier Breed

Scottie Cramp is caused by a disorder in metabolism of serotonin causing either an overdose or a shortage of available serotonin. It is inherited as a recessive trait and normally occurs in young Scottish Terrier puppies. This condition does not progress as the dog grows but will remain at the original severity level throughout the dog’s lifespan. Scotties are still capable of living a healthy long life since the health disorder is not a progressive disease. Scottie Cramp symptoms include Awkward movements, breath shortness, puppy collapse, gasping for air, muscle contractions, arching of the spine, and more. Also, learn how to control and treat symptoms of Scottie Cramp in your Scottish Terrier dog.

Should I Restrain My Dog Inside My Vehicle When Traveling?

Have you ever been hit in the back of the head by a 30 pound flying object? Ever heard the heart wrenching sound of your pet slam into the dashboard or a window when suddenly applying the brakes or taking a corner too fast? Common sense tells us driving with a pet inside the vehicle has its risks. Studies show approximately 20% of all injury crashes involve distracted driving, and 2 out of 3 owners engage in distracted driving behavior when traveling with a pet. Options are available to keep you driving without distraction and reduce the risk of injury to your pet.

What Are the Most Dangerous Breeds of Dogs?

Are overly aggressive dogs the product of their environment or is it simply in the nature of dangerous breeds of dogs to be violent? Well, the answer is not a simple one, it’s both yes and no. Many extremely aggressive dog breeds have earned their dangerous reputations due to their apparent predisposition to violence and aggression. However, there is also merit in looking at the nurture of puppies who eventually grow into vicious dogs. Who are these overly aggressive canines?

Why Should I Use Frontline Plus?

Frontline Plus has emerged as one of the most dependable flea and tick preventative products available in the market for dogs and cats. Let us look at some of the reasons that make this ingenious product highly effective against fleas and ticks.

The 7 Habits of Highly Awesome Dog Sitters

Being separated from your dog can be a very stressful time. Finding the perfect person to care for your dog when you cannot is key to lowering stress for you and your dog. Many people find dog sitting a great way to earn additional income, but when considering a care taker for your dog, you want much more than a person just looking to earn extra cash. The best dog sitters have a love for dogs and animals, are organized and creative and are extremely flexible and patient. Here are 7 habits of highly awesome dog sitters:

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