Unfocus a hyper-focused dog without talking, shocking or treats.

Effective Obedience Training to Your Dogs

Obedience training to your dogs is best taught by you at home. Dogs can be your best friends if they are provided the best of obedience training, but it is best left to be done with love and care.

Stopping the Chewing Habits of Your Dog

Your pets deserve to be in the care of your home, while you are on a vacation. They deserve to be in love and care while you are away. Our experienced dog minders can help you get desired results.

How Does Clicker Training Work?

If you are new to dog training, you might be surprised to find that there are a variety of methods to choose from. A very simple yet effective method of dog training involves the use of a small handheld clicker. Although it may seem simple or silly, the clicker training method is actually very effective.

6 Fitness Tips For Your Senior Dog

Exercise in dogs maintains and improves muscle tone as well as burning calories to keep excess weight off. Both of these help in improving your senior dog’s quality of life. Just because your dog is a little older, it doesn’t mean that you stop exercising. The following are 6 exercise options for your senior dog.

5 Reasons Why Dogs End Up In Shelters

In America today, more dogs are finding themselves in shelters. People are increasingly getting rid of their best friends. There are hundreds or even thousands of dogs going to shelters every year because of their guardians either being unwilling or unable to care for them anymore. Statistics show that approximately a quarter of the dogs in shelters have behavioral problems while another quarter are simply unwanted. The remainder are given out for domestic or other reasons.

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