What do you like or dislike about this dog training series? #DogTraining

Train Your Dog the Loving Way

The training process to any dog requires a great deal of patience and techniques. Dogs are supposed to be man’s best friend, and they must help us live the life in a way that is both tension free and loving.

Walking Your Dog: How to Use Collars, Harnesses and Leashes

A dog without a leash is like a tree without branches! Accessories like collars, leashes and harnesses complete the experience of having a dog. Dog leashes and collars are not just accessories, they are also very important for the overall development of your dog. Leashes and collars are meant for responsible pet parenting.

Wet Dog Food Verses Dry Dog Food

Ever wondered why your dog doesn’t eat sometimes? Why he or she has to be literally dragged to the bowl even when the food packet promised to make your dog “healthy” and “energetic” and what not!

About Probiotics

Probiotics are bacteria or yeast that improve health. They were discovered by a Russian biologist, Elie Metchnikoff. The bacteria are found in certain foods and supplements where they are found in liquid, pill, or powder form. Benefits Probiotics have a number of benefits. For example, they aid in lowering the pH of the intestinal tract by boosting the number of good bacteria while at the same time lowering the chances of disease-causing pathogens of setting up in the intestinal tract.

Teach Your Dog to Balance a Ball on His Nose

Are you a new dog owner? If so, then this might be a good trick for your dog to learn after you have taught it to sit or toilet trained. If done right, then this will easily impress the neighbors or party guests that come over.

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