What they don’t tell you about raising an amazing dog – Here it is.

Choosing Between a GPS Microchip and GPS Collar to Track Your Dog

If you happen to own a curious dog that loves to discover the world outside, it might get you into some serious trouble. Dogs with this behavior love to wander away especially if they are driven by their natural urges. Do not let your dog give you unnecessary problems. Make him easy to find with a GPS microchip or GPS tracking collar.

Dog Psychology – Associative Vs Relational Change

One of the issues that can be very confusing and deceiving when it comes to behavior is recognizing the difference between associative vs relational change. While both offer the same physical response from first appearances only relational change influences unwanted behavior it comes to impacting the decision making process of the dog.

5 Practical Tips When Searching for a Missing Dog

Losing your dog can be a major headache. Thankfully, the search process doesn’t have to be too complicated as you follow these 5 tips. Read on and learn what you should do in case your dog goes missing.

Importance of Dog Exercise

If you are planning to own a pet dog it is important that consider the dog’s size, temperaments, cost and suitability to family members. All dogs, including small and giant dog breeds, regardless of their temperament require several supplies, including: Food, treats, water bowls, crates for travelling, grooming supplies, periodic vaccinations & health care, collar & leash, dog-bedding and toys. Large dog breeds often demand greater food expenses, while other breeds require more medical care.

How a Hip and Joint Supplement for Dogs May Benefit Your Pet in the Long Run

Some of the most common conditions that affect dogs are joint-related such as hip dysplasia and arthritis. To say that your dog is not predisposed to developing these conditions so he does not need any hip and joint supplement may mean compromising his health especially when he grows older. In general, the supplement contains compounds that are necessary for keeping his joints and connective tissues healthy, benefiting him in the long run.

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