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Should You Allow Your Dog On The Bed?

Let me start this article off by saying that there are millions of dogs sleeping in people’s beds and without a problem. However there are a number of dogs sleeping in people’s beds that create a lot of problems the worst of which is usually aggression.

The Most Popular Dogs In 2013

Have you ever wondered what the most popular dog in the United States is? Well the American Kennel Club keeps up with these types of things and has released their 2013 most popular dog list. Here’s some of what they have to tell us.

Does Your Dog Have Any Limitations With Training?

Before we get started on talking about what type of limitations your dog may have when it comes to training let me point out one simple fact. I’ve never seen a dog that couldn’t be obedience trained. I don’t care what breed it is or how big or how small it is every dog can be obedience trained. Of course some dogs will train easier and better depending on what they were bred to do.

Conflicting Information From Dog Trainers

Yes, if you have spoken to more than one dog trainer or even read more than one dog training book then you are probably completely confused. Why is there so much conflicting information? This article will hopefully answer that question.

Can Dogs Actually Learn From Each Other?

Quite often I have clients ask if their new dog will learn from their old dog and the answer is Yes, Maybe, Sometimes. But the really important question is whether the new puppy will learn good things or if it will simply learn the bad habits from the old dog.

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