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FAQs About Mastiff Training

What is a mastiff? This is a giant breed of dog that originated in the USA and other English speaking countries. The dog is large and has black masks and ears. These dogs are both easy and difficult to train. You should remember that they are smart and like to please; therefore, they can be easy to train. Although, they are easy to train, they tend to go through a number of phases where they are stubborn. These phases can last from a couple of weeks to a lifetime.

It’s Insidious, It’s Fast and It’s Deadly – It’s Hemorrhagic GastroEnteritis (HGE)

Your dog was fine yesterday. Today, they are vomiting blood and copiously bleeding rectally. Do not waste one minute. Get your puppy or dog to the nearest vet. Rapid response and aggressive treatment could be the difference between life and death in less than 24 hours.

Important Questions When Hiring A Dog Trainer

Training your dog at the earliest opportunity is the ideal way to create a lasting bond between the dog and its owner, as well as letting your dog know what kind of behavior is acceptable and what isn’t. However, it doesn’t matter whether your take your dog to a dog training class, or you opt for the one-to-one option, there are 5 vital questions that you need to ask the dog trainer before hiring them.

Dad and His English Setter Belle

Belle was beautiful, smart, loving, and great at setting. She was my father’s best companion when it came to hunting. Belle also became a doting mom.

Is Sending Your Dog To A Boarded Boot Camp A Good Idea?

Quite often, dog owners will require a new method of training obedience in to their dog, and that is why more people than ever before are beginning to look at dog boot camps. These boot camps differ from standard dog training, due to the fact that the dog is often boarded at the camp for a length of time, whereas standard dog training usually takes place for just an hour or two.

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