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Dogs Can Die When They Can’t Escape The Heat!

In the UK we are certainly having some very warm days in between the rainy ones and… and, if the last few years are anything to go by, there will be a lot of sunny days to come as we get into the summer months. We need to pay particular attention to what our dogs need in the heat: some shade and somewhere cool to escape to and plenty of fresh water.

Stop the Biting Behavior of Your Dog – What You Need to Know

While dogs have thick skin and biting each other may not be harmful for them, it is different for humans as we don’t have thick skin and can get hurt from their sharp teeth. Whether they just want to play, protect themselves or profess their position as leader of the pack in your home, they need to know what is appropriate and not appropriate when it comes to using their sharp teeth. It is important to stop the biting behavior of your dog to prevent him from causing harm to people around him. Dog bites are a serious problem and require medical attention.

Helpful Tips to Remove Your Dog’s Tear Stains

Dogs are naturally cute but their cuteness can be reduced with the presence of stubborn stains under their eyes. Tear staining is a common problem of dogs especially to some breeds. Stains under a dog’s eyes are caused by excessive tearing brought by a number of eye problems such as dog eye infections, eye lids and eyelash problems, shallow eye socket problems, blockage in the tear drainage holes and food allergies. The long hair in the face and the hair growing in the skin folds around the eyes can also irritate the eyes resulting to excessive tearing. Whatever the cause of your dog’s excessively watery eyes, it can lead to another problem which is the visible tear stains under their eyes. Of course it is best to consult your vet to resolve his watery eye problems but at the same time you also have to get rid of the tear stains and make him look cute again. So how to remove your dog’s tear stains?

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Training: Commands Every Dog Should Know

The greater Swiss mountain dog is a dog breed that is said to have been developed in the Swiss Alps. This dog results when the indigenous dogs mate with the large Mastiff types that were brought to Switzerland by the foreign settlers.

German Shepherd Dogs – A Bit About This Breed

Being a dog lover since always, I was keen to gather information about the different dog breeds and obviously I was more inclined towards the most famous ones. I had heard a lot of the shepherd breed, or the more famous among them, the German Shepherds and so, I just wanted to know about the breed’s characteristics and what contributed to the breed’s fame.

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