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Vacations and Your Dog

Great, summer is here! I am sure that in most homes this thought probably causes a lot of positive feelings. Plans of all kinds are made and enjoyment is in the air. Summer is typically synonym of relaxation, sun and beach, hikes, flowers and soft breeze and even perhaps traveling.

Your Dog Training Business Needs to Advertise on Craigslist

I’m assuming that everybody knows about Craigslist, but if you don’t take a trip over to, find your city and see what’s available. Craigslist is a big deal and is available all over the U.S., Canada and even all over the world. They actually receive billions of people a month coming to look for items that are for sale or services that they need.

Obesity In Dogs-Is It All A Matter Of Taste?

Right from birth dogs have a sense of taste, not quite as good as humans but none the less they do taste things. It is quite difficult for a dog as the 2 senses of smell and taste in dogs are chemical ones so it is hard for them at an early age to differentiate between the two.

Learn About Puppy Training Pads Here

Discover how to use puppy training pads for pet potty training. Step by step, you will successfully train your pet to pee in a place you want. No more stinky living room! Learn the benefits now!

A Basic Guide For Grooming Your Dog At Home

Bathing, combing your dog’s fur, and brushing his or her teeth are just some of the basic and simple pet grooming tasks that you can do. If it’s your first time to take care of and groom a dog, below are some important things you need to remember and follow to carry out such important tasks properly and correctly.

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